Bowflex Treadmill T22

The Treadmill 22 is our top-of-the-line cardio experience that provides the coaching, motivation, and variety you crave to keep you immersed in your fitness journey.

World-class cardio that fuels your runner's high.

High performance cardio from the comfort of home.

Sky-high incline control.

Elevate your running experience with -5{159ed47473f847f180dbbba69aa15a92374a21c20cfde0c4d097f0dae7908dd8} to 20{159ed47473f847f180dbbba69aa15a92374a21c20cfde0c4d097f0dae7908dd8} incline.

Individualized workouts.

Experience voice-coached workouts that automatically adapt as your running improves. JRNY Membership required.

Explore the world.

Hike, gallop, and sprint through 50+ scenic destinations around the planet. JRNY Membership required.

Motivation for every mile.

Experience curated workout and entertainment options that stream while you’re being coached. JRNY Membership required.

Stream your favorite shows.

Binge your existing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ accounts from the HD touchscreen. JRNY Membership required. Streaming subscriptions not included.

Trainer-led video library.

Sweat it out with a variety of trainers who inspire your very best effort. JRNY Membership required.

Track metrics while torching milestones.

Track your progress with metrics, rewards, and personal bests. JRNY Membership required.

Pace your race with curated playlists.

Discover an ever-changing lineup of new playlists. JRNY Membership required.

Additional features of the Treadmill 22.

Speed and Incline knobs.


Adjust on the fly without breaking your stride.

Comfort Tech™ deck cushioning.

Provides a softer landing and an extra spring in your step.

Speeds up to 12 mph.


Challenge your pace by kicking it into higher gear.

Heart rate hand grips.


Challenge your pace by kicking it into higher gear.

Adjustable HD touchscreen.

Provides the perfect angle for every need.

-5{159ed47473f847f180dbbba69aa15a92374a21c20cfde0c4d097f0dae7908dd8} – 20{159ed47473f847f180dbbba69aa15a92374a21c20cfde0c4d097f0dae7908dd8} Motorized Incline.

For a fully elevated running experience.

Extended handlebar grip.

Provides a comfortable grip for maximum incline training.

Bluetooth® HR armband.

For advanced heart rate training and tracking.

Specs & Dimensions


85" L x 39.6" W x 70" H

215.8 x 100.5 x 177.7 cm

Max User Weight

400 lbs.

181.4 kg

Assembled Weight

336 lbs.

152.4 kg

Min Ceiling Height

User Height + 21"

User Height + 53.3 cm

Console w/ HD Touchscreen


55.9 cm