Bowflex Bikes

Cardio that’ll make you hate us and love us , at the same time.

Sit your ass down…

…on our first-ever (un)stationary bike.

There’s a hell of a lot more to indoor cycling than fancy spandex, social media fame, and suburban hoopla. When

seated on the right bike (like a VeloCore) and ridden with reckless abandon, it offers a lung-quaking, muscle-

shredding cardio workout that’s unparalleled.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art wildly immersive indoor stationary bike

(that’s anything but stationary). Say hello to the VeloCore Bike.


Connects to everything that’s anything.

A bike tailored to you.

Super-personalized coaching, trainer-led videos, and adaptive leaning workouts means you’re getting a bike you can tailor, in real-time, to fit whatever the day’s adventure.

Stationary or Un–

The VeloCore bike rides like any premium stationary racer. Swift. Smooth. Seamless. Still. Until you shift into leaning mode, helping to ignite your core and arms, leaning around sweeping bends in virtual destinations all around the world (right from your living room).

Designed for comfort.

Every inch of this machine was built in hopes to create a comfortable, more natural-feeling ride. An easily-adjustable seat lets you find your optimal riding position, while dual-sided pedals (SPD® clips | Toe Cages) help you easily maintain a grip when you enter into leaning mode.

Experience immersive indoor riding like never before.

Take a closer look.

And, a second.

Two terrific bikes in the C6 and the VeloCore make this a mighty hard choice. We don’t know which of our babies to

brag about more. So, we’ll just hit you with the cold hard facts.

Bowflex® VeloCore™ Bike

Engineered with leaning mode, the VeloCore bike lets you sway, lean, and rock from side-to-side for a realer, fuller, more robust riding experience. Or, sail as straight as an arrow when it’s time to sprint.


  • -Rides stationary or unstationary.
  • -100 Magnetic resistance levels.
  • -22″ or 16″ adjustable console.
  • -Built-in JRNY experience.

Bowflex® C7 Bike

The OG. Original. But, far from ordinary. The understated C7 bike seamlessly connects to some of the best cycling apps. And, with 100 resistance levels, allows you to experience those apps to the max.


  • -Connect to world-class cycling apps.
  • -Backlit LCD metric console.
  • -100 magnetic resistance levels.
  • -Bluetooth enabled.

Anyway you want it

(that’s the way you need it).

VeloCore Bike

C6 Bike
Stationary Position
Leaning ModeX
DisplayAdjustable HD TouchscreenBacklit LCD Metric Console
Adaptive Workouts & Coaching1
JRNY Experience1JRNY App Required
App Connectivity2
Streaming Entertainment3 X
100 Resistance Levels
Metrics TrackedTime, Interval*, Distance, Calories, Burn Rate, Heart Rate, Cadence (RPM), Resistance, Lean*Time, Calories, Speed, Distance, Cadence (RPM), Levels, Heart Rate